Khan Hazara

Khan Hazara
Since arriving in Australia I have worked and studied day and night so I was able to buy a small wholesale bakery. In a few short years I built that into a supermarket. I am passionate about Photography. I always keep my cameras with me when I go out for travelling around the city. My Photography is all about nature and its beauty. I am also passionate about music and arts. I never miss to attend any musical concerts and art exhibitions. Sometimes if I get the opportunity, I write some Hazaragi poetry lines about the Hazaragi culture and about the present situation of Hazaras back in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Elnaz TavancheI love to read books. I read books about science as well as fiction. Like The lord of the rings, Summer of the seventeenth doll, and The honey thief. I want to learn more about the world around me. Since living in Australia I made a friend who works at the museum. I go to the museum a lot, where they show and teach me many new and exciting things, including aquatics.


AyatullahAyatullah is a refugee from Parachinar Pakistan. When asked what his culture was he stated “prison of boat”. He was on Nauru but is now in mainland detention waiting for the government to set him free.

Kamela Rezaie

Kamela headshotI have dreams like everyone else. One of them is helping humans regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion and location. I’m a human rights warrior. Kamela strives for justice, equality and humanity! I’m originally from the Ghazni province of Afghanistan. I came in Australia in 2007 with no English and very basic education. I have studied biological science at Latrobe, but next year I will study international relations and law/media. My parents and my siblings are here in Australia too. I am the oldest sibling (20), with one brother and four sisters.


ShujoShujo is a Hazara who took up photography as a hobby, taking after his uncle who is a successful photographer back in his home country. He studied commerce at a University in Pakistan, and worked with his father at their dried tea business. Shujo spends much time taking photos and sharing them with his family and friends.

Ali Fahdawi

I am a long time about 10 years ago I started to closer pictures of people because of my exposure to injustice over the years. I knew that this important era must be documented, some day these images will be a witness to the injustice. After a while I was asked me newsworthy newspapers and agencies that work with them that they had seen my work on the pages of social networking. I agreed to work with them, but remained closer same axis, which is the people’s lives and their suffering, and I had the honor to join the page sounds a real humanitarian window. I am married Crown four children.

Ali (Ali’s journey series)

aliMy name is Ali (not his real name), and I am currently living in an Indonesian Community Centre in Medan while waiting for the Australian Embassy to process my application for an visa. I miss my wife, sister and children very much, because they are still in Pakistan waiting for me. When I tried to take a boat to Australia we had to turn back, and then I was sent to Tanjung Pinang Detention Centre. I was there for over 20 months. It was a terrible experience. This photo was taken of me doing the “victory” symbol with my hands while behind bars.

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